Transylvania, Romania

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

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About the Journey

Work with the Power of the Violet Flame to Transmute & Shift your Frequency Instantly

St Germain is the Ascended Master who in his final incarnation anchored through the Violet Flame as a gift for humanity.

Join Chloe in this unique Online Sacred Journey to Work with the Violet Flame in support of the birthing of your Golden Age reality.

In this grid experience you'll be taken energetically to St Germain's etheric retreat Transylvania to enter into the Temple of Purification. 

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey you'll;

* Work with the Transference Healing procedure of the Initiations of Rays & Masters to clear past life wounding & connect to the blueprint of the new Golden Age.

* Heighten Your intuition so you can trust in your Inner Guidance & take inspired action

* Discover the power of the Labyrinth & experience its profound transformational effects

* Tap into your Clairvoyant abilities so you can discern what’s best for you & your destiny

* Learn how to heal yourself with Light through awakening your Third Eye Chakra

* Master your Third Eye to awaken ancient knowledge & gifts locked in your DNA

* Understand How Lightbody Technology works with your Third Eye Chakra when Mastering

* Unravel the Secrets of the Spiral & Fibonacci Sequence to Connect to the forces of Nature

* Support the clearing of symptoms related to the Third eye Chakra such as anxiety & stress

* Access direct teachings on the Third Eye, Pineal Gland & Eye of Horus

* Discover which Crystals work most effectively with your Third Eye & absorb their crystalline frequencies

" It was so profound and incredible. Very powerful! ....I really felt that decoding and recoding process intensely” Rachel, UK

Use this Online Journey as often as you feel guided, whenever you feel heavy, locked in lower vibrations, in need of energetic purification or needing to shift your frequency quickly.