Rennes le Chateau Grid, SW France

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

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About the Journey

This Mysterious & Powerful Grid location in SW France has attracted Pilgrims, Mystics, Ascended Masters & Spiritual Adepts throughout the ages. 

This land is steeped in Mystery, Legend & Myth. 

Join Chloe energetically to experience the profound frequencies & energies that resonate from this Sacred Grid & discover why this area has been a mecca for Spiritual Seekers.

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey you'll discover;

* Why this Grid location is so powerful & how you can tap into this energy

* Who Mary Magdalene really was & why she was drawn to this area in her final years

* What is a Holy Grail Vessel are & why the Art of purification is essential for you to Master

* The Mystery School teachings of the Goddess Isis

* Receive an Initiation & Attunement to the Isis Star Temple

* Discover which Crystals support a connection with the Holy Grail Vortex & absorb their crystalline frequencies

* The Star System Sirius that is connected to this Grid Location & what this means for your Spiritual Empowerment process

Use this Online Journey as often as you feel guided, whenever you feel you need to absorb higher more refined frequencies of Light, going through an initiation of Spiritual Empowerment or tapping into the Holy Grail Chakra 

" Thank you so much for the powerful & beautiful Isis Star Temple Initiation. During the meditation it felt like a door opened in my third eye which was profound”