Little Rock, United States

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

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About the Journey

In this grid experience you'll be taken energetically through the Crystal Merkaba Grid to an inter dimensional portal located within the Crystalline Vortex of Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Here you'll receive initiations & clearings to support the awakening of Atlantean codes. These codes have laid dormant in your energetic patterning waiting for you to access the crystalline technology capable of opening up the coding system in your etheric body. These codes contain wisdom and knowledge of past life times where you mastered more with crystals & crystalline technology. Reawaken these gifts back into your consciousness so you can embody them more into your reality.

In this Online Journey You’ll;

• Absorb specific Crystalline energy from this Sacred grid location to reawaken Atlantean codes deep within your DNA

• Discover how the High Priests & Priestesses of Atlantis utilised Crystals for healing, power, grid work & spiritual evolution

• Connect to the Master Atlantean Emerald Crystal for Healing, Rejuvenation & access to Gaia’s Kingdoms

• Work with Magnetised Minerals to balance your brain & body for Lightbody integration

• Discover the powerful technology hidden within Crystals & how you can utilise them to evolve spiritually

• Learn how to Crystalize your Lightbody to support the eventual anchoring of your Christ body

• Work with your Crown chakra to solidify light in your physical body & consciousness