Chartres Cathedral (Underground Chamber)

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

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About the Journey

Join Chloe on this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Experience & be taken energetically to the ancient Goddess Site of Chartres Cathedral, France. 

Here you'll receive light codes, initiations & activations into the teachings of the Black Madonna - a sacred lineage of priestess teachings on the Goddess, the healing powers of nature, the magical properties of elements and elementals and the ability to purify to enable the embodiment of these sacred teachings into ones body & consciousness for ascension & spiritual growth.

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid™Journey you'll be taken energetically to the location of Chartres Crypt. This is the oldest part of the Cathedral and is believed to have been the location where the ancient druids of Carnute would gather for healing, ceremony & initiations. 

It was a Goddess sanctuary with its Holy Spring/Well & Cave. A grid point where the black ray energy could be accessed and absorbed for healing & co creation. Spiritual masters would come here to learn and be initiated into this ancient sacred priestess teachings.

At this location whilst being sustained within a higher dimension through the Crystal Merkaba Grid™ you'll have the opportunity to;

•  Connect to this hidden ancient lineage of sacred priestess teachings

•  Work with the black ray to access higher frequencies of light for the integration of your lightbody

•  Learn how to Surrender to Divine Will for healing & wellbeing

•  Work with the Raven Power procedure for opening up the psyche, spiritual protection & divine will

•  Receive Mary Magdalene initiation into the divine feminine mysteries