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About the Journey

Journey with Chloe to this Sacred Grid location in Anglesey, Wales, 

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid you'll;

• Journey to the Isle of the Druids for Magic, Mystery & inter dimensional travel

• Travel through the gateway of the Sacred Wells into an Inner Earth Kingdom

• Comprehend the spiritual technology of polarity & why its vital for Lightbody integration & your ascension journey

• Connect to a Fairy Ring to shift lower thoughts, limited perceptions and subconscious beliefs to expand your consciousness & co create your new reality

• Absorb alchemical properties to nourish & sustain your physical body on a higher vibration

• Tap into the Black & White Ray for co creation and absolute balance for the expansion of consciousness

• Discover which crystals work effectively for creating a deep state of internal balance & connection to the elemental realms

This journey is perfect for you if you're;

• Experiencing external or internal triggers and you wish to come more into balance

• In an initiation process & need support to stay balanced in the polarity field

• Wishing to shift & expand your consciousness but struggling to let go of lower thought forms & emotions

• Ready to experience the Inner Realms of the Fairy Kingdom

Your Frequency Package Consists of:

•  A Frequency Video & Presentation detailing spiritual information, wisdom teachings & frequencies encoded from Clorach Wells, Anglesey

•  A Channelled Merkaba Meditation

• Audio Version

* Important - Due to the fact you may become altered whilst listening to this Frequency package we do not recommend listening whilst using heavy machinery, driving or anything else that requires your full focus.

What Others are saying:

" So very powerful & yet subtle at the same time - Magical & absolutely beautiful"