Glastonbury, England

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

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About the Journey

Join Chloe in this unique Online Journey to the Glastonbury Pentagram (Heart Chakra for the world) whilst interconnected to the Rennes le Chateau Pentragram Grid.

With this grid experience you'll work with the Alchemical Goddess powers of the Pentagram to create alchemical shifts in matter, body & consciousness.

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey you'll;

* Weave the 5 elements of higher, refined frequencies into your body for Alchemical transformation

* Receive teachings on how we're all interconnected via the Global Grid Matrix

* Connect to powerful Goddess Crystals  for the crystalization of your Lightbody

* Tap into the Divine Feminine Energy for more Creativity, Flow & Manifestation

* Work with the Higher Chakras for the unification of higher frequencies into your body & consciousness

* Receive teachings on Alchemy & how it relates to the birthing of your Divinity

* Travel inter dimensionally to a Fairy portal on Glastonbury Tor for the weaving of Light into your etheric body for wellness & longevity

This journey is perfect for you if;

* You wish to experience the inter dimensional frequencies available at Glastonbury, England

* You're in an initiation process & feel impacted in your physical body

* Pulling up weaknesses & distortions & struggling to clear them within yourself

* Feel like you need more higher refined frequencies of light

* You feel drawn to accessing the powers of Alchemy

Your Frequency Package consists of;

•  A Frequency Video & Presentation detailing spiritual information, wisdom teachings & frequencies encoded from Glastonbury Pentagram Grid

•  A Channelled Merkaba Meditation

• Audio Version

* Important - Due to the fact you may become altered whilst listening to this Frequency package we do not recommend listening whilst using heavy machinery, driving or anything else that requires your full focus.

What Others are Saying ....

" Such an amazing journey, I did feel it was huge energy!! "

" I want to go back and do the journey again soon, as I lost consciousness at the Tor and don’t remember a thing after that! "